Universities, Associations, and Web3 stakeholders know the importance of teaching industry-relevant skills, but keeping up with the quickly emerging digital economy isn’t always easy.

The Blockchain Academy and On360 is a Workforce Accelerator.

We partner with the world’s leading institutions to help companies bridge the skills gap.

Partnership Types

Partner with us on whitelabel turnkey asynchronous and live instruction with in-course assessment towards AI Proctored Exam resulting in verified skills (digital badges) recorded on the blockchain.

Higher Education – Leading institutions throughout the world partner with The Blockchain Academy to provide their existing students, alumni and wide business community with the education and skills required to remain competitive.

Student Clubs –Free training, labs, events and competitions for official Crypto, Web3 or Blockchain Clubs

Associations – Members of associations of various backgrounds benefit from free or discounted courses

Exchanges –Crypto exchanges provide their holders access to free or discounted courses to help educate traders and investors on their investment and provide pathways for Web3 careers. –Blockchain and Crypto organizers leverage partnered courses to provide value to their attendees.

Events – Blockchain and Crypto events use education as a means to provide value

Coaches and Instructors –We support small businesses in providing excellent course work and labs so they can focus on providing valuable insight and less on lecturing.