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October 3, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Does your trading team have what it takes to be at the top of the leaderboard?

KEY DATES – 30 Days of Trading

Start: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

End: Friday, November 3, 2023 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

The Crypto Trading Competition provides participants with a tier-one investment bank team trading experience.   Learn how to safely and responsibly trade cryptocurrencies leveraging the most robust set of trading indicators and market scenarios, including live pricing on 12 crypto instruments, up-market, down-market, and volatility market conditions.  86 indicators available, including top crypto indicators; Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator, Ichimoku Cloud, Relative Strength Index, and MACD. 

The simulator is an opportunity for everyday students and investors to experience what professional, institutional traders encounter using a Bloomberg Terminal.  Reports on Trading, Profitability, Extremes, Value, and Risk gauges user and team success.  The simulator, combined with the Crypto Trading Course, provides all anyone needs to begin and dramatically improve their cryptocurrency trading knowledge and ability.


Orientation: We strive to…

  • Embodied our programs to always meet our ACE principles: Achieving Competitive Excellence
  • Provide tools that will allow students to familiarize themselves with order‐driven markets
  • Allow students to understand the liquidity of markets and the impact of trading costs.
  • Provide a realistic interface and environment for understanding Sales & Trading, Portfolio Management, and Construction, as well as the Risk impacts on markets from the news.
  • To provide a simulated market platform that measures the Trader analytics’ and metrics that govern the risk/reward of Trading and Portfolio Management.

Risk Taking: We strive to…

  • Foster innovation and creative thinking for students looking at careers in the financial markets
  • Provide a safe environment to allow these high‐performing students to explore alternative strategies
  • Give students the ability to learn from their successes and mistakes
  • Encourage and reward informed risk taking by the participating students and universities Results Oriented: We strive to…
  • To provide a simulated market platform that measures the Trader with Analytics and Metrics that govern the risk/reward of Trading and Portfolio Management.
  • Provide communication and presentation opportunities that simulate the real financial markets


Programs like ours show students new ways of thinking about things while their minds are most open. Most students from the participating universities’ finance and economic programs go on to work at major investment banking firms in London and New York. Many of them take on roles directly involving trading and hedging decisions. Even graduates who go on to work on the corporate side influence trading decisions.

As a participant, you will:

  • Feel a real sense of daily life as a trader
  • Sharpen your financial acumen
  • Experience the true competition of the finance world
  • Demonstrate your financial skills
  • Meet and interact with students from other universities
  • Enjoy unique learning opportunities during a fun and memorable event


Registration Requires Enrollment in at least one course or career track.

Recommended Courses and Career Tracks:

To begin, register for the Crypto Trading Simulator.

Team Compositions

Teams can be comprised any way that students and faculty organize. For example, a team may comprise of just undergraduate students and another team of graduate students. A Team must consist of 3 students at a minimum and 5 students at maximum.

Competition Weighting & Participation Requirements

Trading Competition (50% of the competition results)

The University Crypto Trading Competition will start on October 12th. Team members will need to select a Team Leader to trade the predetermined portfolio via an online interface. Rules for trading are available by clicking here. This portfolio challenge will use the “Real Market Simulator” from The Blockchain Academy for students to trade with and for results. For this particular challenge, the students will compete both individually AND as a team. The results for both will be tabulated to determine placement.

Portfolio Challenge (25% of the competition results)

For the Portfolio Management Challenges, individual Team members will be given a trading screen to participate in a trading simulation. Each simulation will provide each student the opportunity to trade a limited number of securities over a simulated trading day. Student

Trader results will then be measured on the quality of their trading, using standard trader analytics of: Profitability, RaRoc, Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Portfolio Alpha/Beta.

This challenge will use The Blockchain Academy “Portfolio Management Simulator”.

Participation Requirements

All teams are encouraged to participate in all of the UCTC Challenges. In the event that a particular team is unable to participate in all challenges, they acknowledge that they cannot be listed as either individual challenge or competition winners. If a particular team fails to compete in a challenge, their score for that challenge will be zero.

Contest Judging

For the Portfolio and Sale & Trading Competitions, any determination of errors in order entry, execution and eligibility shall be determined by The Blockchain Academy to be final with regards to the contest standings.

Consent to Publication of Ranking and Results

Entry to the contest constitutes permission for the University Crypto Trading Competition to post the university’s and trader’s information, including, without limitation, name, perform and relative ranking, on the University Crypto Trading Competition website and to use all information for purposes of advertising and promotion without compensation to the universities or contestants.

Prohibited Use of Contest for Promotional Purposes

Contestants acknowledge that the University Crypto Trading Competition name and that of the contest are copyrighted and are the sole property of The Blockchain Academy.  Contestants shall not, either alone or in concert with others, use their participation in the contest for promotional purposes unless approved in advance in writing by the University Crypto Trading Competition. If a contestant violates this provision, the contestant may be disqualified from competition in the contest for future contests at the University Crypto Trading Competition’s sole discretion. If determined by University Crypto Trading Competition to be in violation, the contestant agrees to pay all legal fees and damage incurred by University Crypto Trading Competition, including those to enforce this provision.


All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability for the rights and obligations of the contestants and University Crypto Trading Competition in connection with the contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the State of California, without regard to choose of law rules.

Postponement, Cancellation, Acceptance and Removal

University Crypto Trading Competition reserves the right to modify the contest terms, to postpone the contest commencement date or cancel the contest if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such action is reasonable and necessary. University Crypto Trading Competition may reject any contestant’s application for any reason. Furthermore, University Crypto Trading Competition has the right to remove or bar any contestant from the contest for any reason in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, barring any contestant who would or might: bring disrepute to the contest; or who has violated any rule, law or regulation pertaining to futures trading; or has attempted to benefit from any collusive or other trading irregularity.

University Crypto Trading Competition will review and monitor all participants throughout the contest in the interest and fairness of all participants. Minimum participation is required; we reserve the right to cancel the contest if minimum participation is not reached. If the contest is canceled, entry fees will be refunded, and no prizes will be awarded. University Crypto Trading Competition reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time and will make honest efforts to notify all contestants. No Refunds; exception: in the case of contest cancellation, refunds will be available for entry fee.

Conflicts of Interest

All participants in the University Crypto Trading Competition, including Hosts, Teams, Team Members, Faculty Advisers, and Judges, have an obligation to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest with their participation. A conflict of interest may exist when a participant or the participant’s family member or close friend is involved in activities that may impact the participant’s ability to perform their role fairly and impartially. A conflict may be actual or perceived.


In the realistic and intensely educational competition, teams of 3 to 5 students go head‐to‐head in competitive situations in two (2) distinct challenges: 1) Trading Competition and 2) Portfolio Challenge.  Each competition area highlights products or strategies exclusive to the crypto markets. See below for details on each segment and their competition results weighting.

TRADING COMPETITION – 25% of the Competition Results

Teams (and individuals) compete over a 30‐day period using CapitalRMS (Real Market Simulator software. Each team starts with an available balance of $50,000,000 and can allocate that investable amount over a portfolio containing equities, fixed income contracts, Forex, metals, Agri’s, and index contracts (values are based on opening prices recorded by global exchanges).

Teams follow the news and learn how it affects price change across each instrument. They can modify their positions daily and monitor the up‐to‐the‐minute leaderboard online.


October 3, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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